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At Bodell Law Group, our attorneys have spent years representing Southern California individuals and companies in a variety of business litigation matters. We are business lawyers who have represented both plaintiffs and defendants in litigation matters and our experience includes every aspect of a business dispute from pre-lawsuit negotiations through trial. While our lawyers are committed to securing the best possible results for our clients, we are also mindful of existing business relationships and the economics of litigation. We are lawyers that provide our litigation clients with the information they need to evaluate not only the prospects of success in litigation, but also the attendant costs, which allows our clients to make informed business decisions on the prosecution, defense and ultimate resolution of their cases. At Bodell Law Group our attorneys focus on securing the best possible results while paying close attention to each client’s unique wishes and practical needs.

Since insurance pervades many, if not most, litigation matters, at Bodell Law Group we are fully aware of the role insurance plays in our business, personal injury and employment practices. The attorneys at Bodell Law Group have spent years working for insurance companies and have extensive training and practical experience in dealing with insurance companies. Out of this training and experience, we constantly evaluate the availability of insurance coverage in our cases and believe that insurance companies should satisfy their legitimate obligations and protect their insured’s. However, because of the financial implications of satisfying claims, insurance companies often take advantage of their insured’s and deny, or fail to investigate claims, regardless of their validity. In doing so, the insurance companies anticipate that their policyholders will accept the denials of their claims at face value. Unfortunately, the practice of improperly denying claims or delaying in recognizing obligations causes significant economic hardships. Under the law, an insurance company that refuses to pay a legitimate claim, denies a claim without adequate investigation or offers to settle a claim for less than it is worth may have acted in “bad faith”. When this happens, it is time to consult with our attorneys.

At Bodell Law Group our attorneys know the impact that improper claim handling, whether that be denial or failure to investigate, can have on an individual or business. Our Southern California lawyers are familiar with the provisions of homeowners, commercial general liability, umbrella, disability and automobile policies and are prepared to take those steps necessary to pursue coverage and all available remedies against an insurance company that acts in bad faith.

An insurance bad faith attorney can often compel an insurance company to recognize its legitimate obligations by preparing a demand letter to which the California Insurance Code mandates a response within a very limited time period. If litigation is necessary, attorneys are prepared to pursue both declaratory and monetary relief for our insurance bad faith clients. Either way, it is important to remember that an insurance policy is a contract such that the insured and insurer have legally enforceable obligations to one another. In addition, the insurance industry is highly regulated such that insurance companies have stringent requirements, under the law, to live up to their contractual obligations. Our attorneys believe that these obligations must be honored and apply that belief to the representation of our insurance bad faith clients.

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