Preservation of Evidence after Automobile Accidents

Posted on by PR

Although the loved ones of accident victims are, of course, focused on the victim’s well-being and recovery in the immediate aftermath of a serious automobile or other accident, attention should be paid, if at all possible, to ensuring that any evidence is gathered and/or preserved.

This would include:  taking photographs of the vehicles, accident scene and injuries; securing the names and contact information of witnesses; and following up with the law enforcement official who is preparing the report.  Caution should likewise be taken in the information which is provided to the responsible driver’s insurance company, which would include submission to recorded statements.  It is also a good idea to discuss these issues with an accident attorney, who can assist in making sure that evidence is not lost and is, instead, preserved for a potential claim.

Although sometimes difficult, these few small steps may make a world of difference in posturing potential claims.